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Top-Shelf Tip No. 191:

"The future you see is the future you get."

Robert G. Allen

Four Ways To Advance Your Career

Are you looking for career advancement? Do you see other, less qualified colleagues passing you by? Promotional Consultant Today shares these four tips from top-level executive coach Joel Garfinkle.

1. Speak in financial terms. The higher you advance, the more bottom-line, financial responsibilities you’ll assume. It’s imperative you know how to communicate accomplishments in terms of specific, measurable results. This will clearly demonstrate your value and enhance your credibility. Effective financial communication will help you gain more resources, receive the appropriate financial backing, acquire the desired headcount and secure the necessary buy-in so your projects will be successful.

2. Reflect well on others. Be sure your work reflects well on those around you. Each decision you make, how you represent yourself at meetings and your overall productivity should make a positive impression. Your actions should say you are a leader who takes initiative, has self-confidence and can handle the responsibility required to do top-notch work.

3. Grow the job you already have. If you take on added responsibilities and do more than what is asked of you, executives will take notice of your initiative. Employees who stand out are rewarded and promoted. By increasing your responsibility and doing more, you’re less likely to stagnate in your position and you raise your chance of finding more challenging projects.

4. Seek opportunities where others aren’t looking. To notice and identify unique or unknown opportunities, think differently than your peers. Liberate yourself from the confines of your current way of thinking, and be creative and unconventional. This involves how you evaluate business conditions, demand, competition, industry knowledge and technological advances. Approach each situation with a completely different perspective. Business leaders seek opportunities where others aren’t looking.

Now that you have these techniques, choose one and write down three ways you can immediately demonstrate this in your work environment.

Source: Executive coach Joel Garfinkle has written more than seven books that are read in more than 25 countries. He also has contributed to the book The Art and Practice of Leadership Coaching (John Wiley and Sons) and Leader to Leader, the award-winning quarterly journal launched by the Peter F. Drucker Foundation.

Compiled by Cassandra Johnson

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