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"For they conquer who believe they can."

William Dryden

A Reason To Be Thankful

As part of our Promotional Consultant Today tradition, we'd like to take a few minutes today to reflect in the spirit of Thanksgiving. In the past, as author of these commentaries, I've tried to interject some wit and fun into our thoughtful reflections, but this season, in light of the continued violence and disruption of daily life in our world, it's hard to muster that sense of humor. Instead, this Thanksgiving-focused issue simply reaffirms our appreciation for the ability and freedom to conduct commerce in a world of interconnected communities.

The promotional products industry— like many others— is reliant on a network of key connections and trade partners, not just in the United States, but also in countries around the world. It's not a "global market" for goods and services, rather there are globally connected "local" businesses on which we rely. By respecting and understanding each economy and culture for its strengths, each economy benefits.

The foundation of this interconnectedness for commerce is freedom— freedom to travel to other countries, freedom to exchange information, freedom to go about our daily business. It's a freedom that all of us, as global partners, must protect, and a freedom for which we are truly thankful.

As we continue to see dark forces rise to the surface through horrific acts like we've witnessed most recently in France, let's find strength as the promotional products industry to maintain our focus on giving and support, not just in our local communities but through our global partners around the world. Take time with your employees, teammates and colleagues to acknowledge and give thanks for freedoms we enjoy and look for ways to strengthen these global connections.

When it comes to the freedom to support the growth and success of the industry around the world, and the individuals, families and businesses that rely on this growth, we are truly an industry of one. That, my friends and colleagues, is a reason to be thankful.

PCT takes a break over the next two days and returns to your inbox on Monday. Happy Thanksgiving from Promotional Consultant Today.


Source: Cassandra Johnson is a tech-savvy marketing communications consultant and freelance writer. She reports on the latest trends in the promotional products industry, public relations, direct marketing, e-marketing and more. She supports clients in a variety of industries, including promotional products, hospitality, financial services and technology.

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