Top-Shelf Tip No. 250:

"Giving is the master key of success in all applications of human life."

Bryant McGill

Keeping the Holiday Spirit in January and Beyond

There's the hustle and bustle. The buying. The giving. The partying. And then. It's over. The holidays come and go in the blink of an eye. The week before the holidays, everyone at the office is getting along well, and there's a sense of giving and teamwork.

Now as you return from your break, perhaps that feeling is no longer evident. Bob is pressuring for his report again. Sue is still not sharing her information. And Jane is asking for payback from the $2 she loaned you for the team gift to the boss.

How do you keep the spirit of the holidays going all year long? Promotional Consultant Today adapted these tips for the office from author Rona Cherry.

1. Keep On Wrapping. Who says gift-giving has to happen just for the holidays? Give "out of the blue" gifts to your co-workers all year long. Surprise an employee who has worked extra hard. Recognize a co-worker with a small token of his or her favorite coffee. Anytime you give a gift, it means you've thought of that person. Let them know how much you appreciate them. It doesn't have to be a big gift; a small token goes a long way.

2. The Card From Left Field. Cherry says to never go to the mall without buying at least one beautiful, blank greeting card. Receiving a card in the mail makes it seem extra special. Send it to a customer in appreciation of their loyal business, or to the new salesperson who made his first goal. A handwritten note can be much more meaningful than an email.

3. Do Unto Others. Many of us volunteer during the holiday season, such as serving holiday meals at a soup kitchen or donating money to worthy causes. But why stop on New Year's Day? Stay involved in volunteer work year around. Get your team involved in your community. Plant trees on Arbor Day. Clean up the kids' playground. Make the effort to give throughout the year.

4. Say A Few Words To Love Itself. Kind words are often said during the holiday season, but these words can matter all year long. Say a simple thank-you to your boss for always having your back. Give a kind word to the building security officer who lets you in every time you forget your badge. Share a word of appreciation for that colleague who never agrees with you in meetings. It's important to share kindness throughout the year, and always assume that others have good intent. Your positivity will rub off onto others when you least expect it.

Source: An award-winning journalist, Rona Cherry has written for numerous publications including The New York Times Sunday Magazine,The New York Times Book Review, Ladies Home Journal, Vegetarian Times, Life Extension,, and She co-authored The World of American Business (Harper & Row) and Woman in the Year 2000 (Arbor House).

Compiled by Cassandra Johnson

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